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Brands at Buddha Co.

Buddha Dispensary

Buddha Co.

Discover the finest cannabis offerings with Buddha Company, a distinguished cultivator and dispensary located in Downtown LA's Fashion District. We specialize in cultivating premium flower strains and offer a curated selection of cannabis products including edibles, concentrates, and topicals. Our passionate team ensures every visit is a personalized and enriching experience. Choose Buddha Company for quality that shines and service that exceeds expectations.


Turntz Cannabis Brand stands as a beacon of excellence within the cannabis industry, placing unparalleled emphasis on top-tier quality. Their commitment transcends beyond just a mission statement—it is a belief ingrained deeply into their ethos, manifesting in every strain they cultivate and every product they offer.

Firm believers in the profound capabilities of the cannabis plant, Turntz focuses on carefully nurtured, meticulously harvested, and expertly cured strains. Each bud is a testament to their relentless pursuit of quality, embodying rich flavors, potent effects, and a smooth smoking experience.

Turntz is more than just a brand; it's an assurance of premium quality. Whether it's the alluring aroma of their top-grade Indicas, the invigorating effects of their Sativas, or the harmonious balance of their Hybrids, every Turntz product promises an unparalleled cannabis experience.

In a market that's increasingly crowded, Turntz Cannabis Brand stands tall, setting new benchmarks in quality and taking the enjoyment of cannabis to new heights.

Best Disppensary in LA
Baby Jeeter


The heart of Jeeter beats with a vibrant culture, sparked by love, passion, and innovation. This ethos radiates through all aspects of operation, from finely crafted products and unique brands to state-of-the-art facilities. Jeeter holds a strong commitment to fostering relationships and cherishing customers.

Jeeter symbolizes meticulous branding. Each brand reflects a unique blend of past, present, and emerging pop culture while satisfying the refined tastes of the modern cannabis connoisseur. Attention to every detail, from the image and tactile quality to the overall emotional resonance, highlights an unwavering dedication to excellence.

Operational expertise sets Jeeter apart in the rapidly evolving cannabis industry. Strategic alliances with some of the finest operators, partners, and professionals in the cannabis world allow Jeeter to drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and encourage sustainable growth in the legalized cannabis market.


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Best Dispensary in LA
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Raw Garden 

Raw Garden strives to revolutionize the cannabis industry by adopting the innovative model of modern agricultural crop production. Through diligent study of California's diverse specialty crops, including berries, lettuce, tomatoes, and more, Raw Garden integrates advanced farming techniques to cultivate cannabis, benefiting both the community and the industry.

Nestled in the picturesque rolling hills of Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara's esteemed wine country, Raw Garden cultivates over 50 acres of hoop houses on its secluded farm. As one of California's largest cultivators, Raw Garden prioritizes environmental sustainability in all farming practices.

Water conservation sits high on Raw Garden's list of priorities. Strategic watering schedules and the use of agricultural film and drip irrigation significantly reduce water wastage. Additionally, every field receives a customized blend of dry and liquid fertilizers to ensure optimal plant health and nutrition.

Raw Garden's commitment to all-natural farming practices is unwavering. Avoiding herbicides and exclusively using inputs listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), Raw Garden maintains its Clean Green Certification. Weeds are managed manually, and beneficial insects, biologicals, and OMRI-listed foliar feedings are utilized to keep crops disease-free and healthy, resulting in industry-leading yields per acre.

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Born out of the sun-soaked beaches of Santa Monica, Cannabiotix, commonly referred to as CBX, is a boutique cannabis company. CBX started its journey in 2014, led by the expertise of master cultivators Neema and JB. Today, Samari and his childhood best friend Eran Haroni carry forward the company's legacy, continually striving for the founders' original goal: to craft the most extraordinary cannabis flower on the market.

Neema, known affectionately as 'the dream', and JB, endearingly called 'Bones', envisaged a cannabis company that would redefine the quality standards in the industry. Their ambition was not merely to produce cannabis but to cultivate a line of flowers so unique and powerful that they would transform the cannabis experience for their friends, family, and customers alike.

As a result, CBX flowers embody the founders' passion and meticulous cultivation practices. Each strain is nurtured to express its full genetic potential, resulting in buds teeming with rich terpenes and potent cannabinoids. With CBX, every puff is a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and their love for the remarkable cannabis plant.

CBX Cereal Milk
Edibles Los Angeles


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Heavy Hitters 

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Dowtown LA Dispensary
Los Angeles Kush

Ted's Buds 

Embodying a deep sense of integrity and authenticity, Teds Budz stands at the forefront of the cannabis industry, dedicated to delivering only the finest, carefully selected genetics from grassroots cultivators. As true pioneers of the exotic cannabis game, their credibility is trusted and well-recognized.

At Teds Budz, personal enjoyment of the product is not just an assurance, but a requirement. Every strain they distribute meets the highest standard – it's a product they would choose for themselves.

As a black-owned, family-run business, Teds Budz cherishes its intimate size, favoring quality over quantity. They specialize in small-batch, high-quality flower, reflecting their commitment to superior standards and their deep-rooted respect for the cannabis plant.

Los Angeles Kush

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Los Angeles Kush
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