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Exploring Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis Concentrate Dab

Dab of sauce


Welcome to the captivating world of cannabis concentrates! As the cannabis industry evolves, so too does the variety of products on offer. One category standing out with its surge in popularity is cannabis concentrates. But what exactly are they?

What is Cannabis Concentrate?

Put simply, cannabis concentrates are products derived from the cannabis plant that have been processed to retain only the most desirable compounds—primarily cannabinoids and terpenes—while removing excess plant material and other impurities. Known for their potency and dynamic flavors, they offer a potent and versatile alternative to traditional cannabis flower.

The Variety of Cannabis Concentrates

The universe of cannabis concentrates is as diverse as it is exciting. Let’s take a quick tour of some of the most popular types:

Shatter: Known for its glass-like consistency, shatter is a potent and pure type of cannabis concentrate that ‘shatters’ like glass when dropped.

Wax: True to its name, wax has a soft and waxy texture. It’s user-friendly and cherished for its rich, nuanced flavors.

Rosin: A solventless concentrate, rosin is produced by applying heat and pressure to cannabis flower. It’s loved among purists for its clean, green extraction method.

Crumble: Named for its crumbly texture, crumble is a versatile concentrate that can be used in numerous ways.

Distillate: Distillate is a highly refined oil containing pure cannabinoids and virtually nothing else. Its high potency and versatility make it a favorite among consumers.

Live Resin: Extracted from fresh, flash-frozen cannabis plants, live resin captures the living terpene profile of the cannabis plant, resulting in incredibly flavorful and aromatic concentrates.

Hash: Hashish or ‘hash’ is one of the oldest forms of cannabis concentrate. It’s made from the resinous trichomes of the cannabis plant and is revered for its potency and unique flavors.

THC Oil: This concentrate takes the form of an oil and is commonly used for vaping. It provides a smooth and convenient way to enjoy cannabis.

Diamonds: Often considered the creme de la creme of cannabis concentrates, Diamonds are crystalline structures of pure THC or CBD. They are often combined with terpene-rich sauce for a potent and flavorful experience.

Sauce: A highly flavorful and potent concentrate, Sauce contains a high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids. It’s known for its liquid consistency and strong aroma.

A dab of cannabis concentrate

Comparison of Cannabis Concentrates

Each type of cannabis concentrate has its unique characteristics and benefits. Whether it’s the ultra-clean, solventless nature of rosin, the intense flavors of live resin, or the potent purity of diamonds, there’s a concentrate for every preference. Potency, texture, flavor, and extraction methods can vary significantly, so exploring and finding the one that suits you best is always exciting.


We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the fascinating world of cannabis concentrates. Over the next few weeks, we’ll delve deeper into each type, exploring their production processes, unique traits, usage methods, and much more. Whether you’re a seasoned concentrate connoisseur or a curious newcomer, we’re excited to embark on this journey with you.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts where we’ll dive deeper into each type of cannabis concentrate. In the meantime, why not share this guide with your fellow cannabis enthusiasts? Sharing knowledge is always a joy!