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Decoding Distillate: The Future of Cannabis Concentrates in Cartridges, Edibles and Beyond

Cannabis distillate, known for its unparalleled purity, is more than just the backbone of vape cartridges and edibles. Its potential stretches far beyond, paving the way for exciting new applications in the cannabis world. Before we delve into these uses, let’s understand what makes distillate stand out.

The Science Behind Distillate

Fractional distillation, the process used to create distillate, separates the cannabis plant’s compounds based on their boiling points, resulting in a product that can reach up to 99% pure cannabinoids. This level of refinement creates a consistent, potent product that is virtually free of impurities.

A Star in Vape Cartridges and Edibles

Distillate’s consistency and high cannabinoid content have made it a mainstay in vape cartridges, providing a predictable experience with fewer puffs. In the realm of edibles, distillate offers a tasteless, odorless cannabinoid boost, making it a favored ingredient for those who prefer not to have the robust flavor of cannabis in their treats.

Beyond Vapes and Edibles: Other Applications of Distillate

However, the potential applications of distillate extend much further. Due to its purity, distillate can also be used sublingually, meaning it can be placed under the tongue for rapid absorption. This method is ideal for those seeking immediate effects without the need for inhalation or consumption.

Distillate can also be infused into topicals, creams, and lotions, making it a valuable addition to the burgeoning field of cannabis skincare and wellness products. Because of its high concentration of cannabinoids, distillate-infused products can deliver targeted relief and therapeutic effects.

Levels of Quality in Distillate

Though distillate is known for its purity, the quality can vary based on the starting material and the extraction process. High-quality distillate begins with high-quality cannabis. If the plant is contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals, those impurities may carry over into the final product, even after distillation.

Furthermore, while the distillation process does separate cannabinoids from terpenes, some producers choose to re-introduce terpenes afterwards for added flavor and potential entourage effects. The source and quality of these terpenes can significantly influence the overall quality and experience of the distillate.

Charting the Future of Cannabis Concentrates

With its ultra-high potency and broad range of applications, distillate is undoubtedly steering the future of cannabis concentrates. As research and innovation continue to expand the horizons of cannabis, the potential of distillate is just beginning to be realized.